You are an international student (except for Exchange Students), you come to study at Aix-Marseilles University, Avignon University or another establishment of higher education in Aix-Marseille Academy

Admission criteria

  • Being enrolled in a « national diploma » in a French institution of higher education (Not included : university degrees, courses on French as a foreign language, apprenticeship,  training courses that do not entitle those enrolled to student social security, etc.)
  • Being enrolled in a postgraduate or PhD programme
  • Having a guarantor for the accommodation. The guarantor must be a solvent natural person residing in France or in the E.U. (please download the form ”acte de caution solidaire” in footer of
  • Progressing from one level of education to the next (including for students already living in a Crous Aix-Marseille residence)

Derogation :

International students enrolled in Exchange programmes under convention with the Crous Aix-Marseille partly or totally derogate from the criteria mentioned above. The criteria mentioned in the convention apply.

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